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The Fish Breeding Centers in Punten

The fish breeding centers in Punten, town of Batu is the first breeding center in  East Java which was established on December 24, 1919. Tourists can watch various species of freshwater fish. Among them there are fish to be consumed, such as carp, tilapia and carp, catfish and pomfret. There are also ornamental fish like koi fish.
Punten fish breeding centers are the place for the study of freshwater fish in the town of Batu. Also serve fresh fish market that sells a variety of freshwater fish, from small to large are still available for consumption. Was established on December 24, 1998 with an area of 3.4 Ha, Punten fish breeding centers serves nursery up to sales production. Species are varied. Starting from Punten Goldfish, tilapia fish (red, white, black), Koi fish, Comets fish, until Red Devil fish.

For marketing, it can be sold or taken directly out of town.  Activities of most interest to visitors is to see genetically engineered fish hatchery that uses technology in order to get the fish seed. Fish breeding centers have an area of 3.6 ha plots shaped pool is equipped with laboratory facilities, guest house, 7 rooms with 50 beds. And the meeting hall to accommodate 100 people. What's interesting here are the fish crossing, between Israel fish with Punten fish.
For consumers who want to get fresh fish can be purchased directly here, because there is a market center or fish farming. Still in the center Aquabis, fishing facilities are provided at a price of USD 25,000.00 / 7 hours, and usually incidental fishing competition was held. Various forms of processed fishery souvenir is very fitting for a souvenir. For example crackers, canned fish, salted etc.


Payung is one of the culinary site in the bustling town of Batu on the visit of young peopleBoth from Batu itself and out of townLocated in the border area of Batu-Malang regencyfrom here we can see the sights of the town of Batu on the day or nightWith the weather, which was coolyou can enjoy a variety of dishes available.
This culinary site has been named Payung because there is the shape of an umbrella called an 'payung pandang'. If you stand under the umbrella shape, you will be looking at the Songgoriti, Batu city and surrounding areas.
Payung formation history began in 1970few people selling corn from 
dawn to dusk. In that time there were kiosks and stalls. Then in 1981there are some sellers who had kiosks while others use tent merchants.

Sellers are generally from the village of Pandansari (District Pujon),SonggoritiSonggokerto District, Batu DistrictPuntenand the District of Bumiaji.
Tourists who come are from KediriMalangSurabayaOn big days there are also tourists from outside the East Java, such as from Yogyakarta,Solo, and Bandung.
Payung have the advantage of the beautiful view that can be used for refreshing. I
n there the main meal is corn, bread, hot drinks and etc.
 Agro Kusuma


Agro Kusuma is located in Ngaglik village, Batu district. One stop shooping service has implemented in Agro Kusuma. The unforgettable experience can found here after visiting apple plantation, flower, coffee, strawberry, and hydroponics vegetables (non- insecticide).
Agro, which has supported by fancy hotels, lies in 17-acre plantation. Agro allows the visitors to pluck apple directly from tree. We just meet this interesting activity in Agro Kusuma. You can pick the apples and oranges in the plantation area and tasted them. Feel the fresh and health fruit from its tree.

You may see the process of drying the coffee, or buy vegetables, which can cook soon. Since the plantation is wide, it can use for jogging, bicycling, playground and riding a horse. Besides, it has a mini zoo, camping ground, and swimming pool. Do not forget, before leaving Agro Kusuma Batu, you can buy souvenirs of its products, including; jenang, apple vinegar, and orange. We also able to enjoy various food products of Batu city, such as; apples, jam, apple brem and strawberry.
Agro Kusuma is facilitated with mini zoo, green house, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, warm swimming pool, badminton hall, tennis court, volley field, etc. 

Songgoriti is the favorite site in the city of Batu and in East Java. Not only the beautiful panorama and natural air of coolness that can be enjoyed, but the presence of hot springs (hot spring) that pops up under the Temple Songgoriti, can be used to cure various skin diseases or recover stamina. Located in the city center, about 2 km west of the Stone City Government Center, the region holds a very stunning natural beauty. Slopes of mountains, forests, steep hills, outbound area, the resort, as well as cultural beauty of the temple with natural hot water sulfur spring can amaze anyone who visited them.
Almost every corner of this region so famous and alluring because of the unique and exciting, even a tourist destination center in Batu city Travel. Starting from the temple, the lake of hot water, swimming pools, clean rooms at affordable prices, a natural sulfur hot springs, stunning gardens, cemeteries or the historic of Mbah Pathok or Empu Supo, as well as spacious parking area which is convenient for tourists.
However, one of the most spectacular, unique, natural and exciting to enjoy the natural beauty is the hot sulfur springs. This hot water is below the estuary of Songgoriti Temple. It is said that historically, this is the place to purify the source of "Kris Legacy" Sindoh king, one king of the Kingdom Singosari in the 5th century AD. In fact, this place is correlated with the flow of hot water from Mount Welirang Cangar, about 20 km north of Batu city. Not only that, Songgoriti was the most busy place in Batu city. Songgoriti has Tenes sports facilities, swimming pools, night entertainment, restaurant (local and International), jogging area, beautiful natural forest area, regular class hotels to luxury class villas, traditional massage to relax, outbound area on the slopes of the mountain , family recreation and so on.

According to the ancestors, sulfur hot springs can cure the itch and pains all over the body. So, now the wading pool and a resort or hotel running water is owned by the hot sulfur Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths, Songgoriti. Facilities such as hot spring may not possessed by other regions in Indonesia as well as a trade mark of Songgoriti International, Batu city Travel. Travelers can soak the hot sulfur water for 24 hours. So not only domestic tourists who visit Songgoriti, but also tourists from Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia.

Even if visitors stay overnight at the Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths, they can swimming and drink the cold drink while enjoy relaxing meal at the tavern in the pool. As far as the eye could see, everything looks beautiful, soothing and inspiring when it settles in this historic place. Not only that, whatever events may be held in Songgoriti were freely, safely and fascinating. Such as seminars, garden parties, family parties, Live Music, contests, coloring contest for children, social gathering, jogging up to Out Bound by background grove of trees on the slopes, up to the event a vacation with friends and family. Because it begs the hotel rooms of various types at affordable prices for everyone, from standard class to executive class. "All the visitors of any kind will be accommodated, and guaranteed to be satisfied, and seem to enjoy it all when it rested at the Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths," said Peni Astriawati, Manager of Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths at Songgoriti while detailing the various types of rooms available. Which consists of four types of standard rooms and 1 superior room type (cottage). First, the rate of the Lotus Type Rp.200 thousand per night. This begs the Lotus Room Type Double Bed, Bathroom-Up Bath full of cold water, and sulfur hot water for 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in the afternoon, TV, refrigerator and telephone, as well as breakfast. Second, the Boxwood Room type rate Rp. 175 thousand per night. Room facilities of this type are Boxwood Double Bed, Bathroom Bath-up with cold water and hot sulfur water for 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in the afternoon, Telephone, TV, breakfast. Third, the Rose Room Type Rp. 150 thousand per night. Facilities available at the Rose room is the same type as the type of Ylang room, just the only difference being a smaller room size. Fourth, Study Room Orchids at the rate of Rp. 220 thousand per night. In this begs the Orchid Room Type Double Bed, Bathroom Bath-up with cold water and hot sulfur water for 24 hours, TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, and room sizes larger than the Lotus Type, Type and Type Rose Boxwood.
But no less special, at Nirwana Resort & Hotel are Superior Room Type and Wijaya Kusuma Cempaka. "Actually, this room is a type Cempaka Cottage comprising 2 rooms connected by Connecting Door and well-equipped, but rented a room for a lighter price for visitors," said Peni said, detailing the type Cempaka Room price is Rp. 350 thousand per night. Meanwhile, Wijaya kusuma Cottage comprises 2 bedrooms in one house at a price of Rp.600 thousand. Facilities in superior rooms consist of bedroom with large double bed, Living room complete with sofa and table guest chairs, mini bar, refrigerator, telephone, TV, Bathroom Bath-up with cold water and hot sulfur water for 24 hours, and hitter for heating water. Excess cottage is their area more beautiful chrysolite with a beautiful flower garden, parking in the side yard, cozy cottage and a guarded parking lot on the front page of the cottage.
Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths Songgoriti, also still provide Hall Theatre with a capacity of 200 people. Hall is right in the Bathroom Hot Water sulfur rental, as well as on the south side there is a wading pool and the hot water sulfur Songgoriti temple perched north, where the mouth of the hot sulfur springs. This hall can be used for meetings, seminars, weddings, Live Music, workshops, training and so forth. In the hotel area is an area of 4 hectares, also provide 24 hour service restaurant with a capacity of 30 persons, can be used to eat and relax looking at the beauty of the lake water park hotel sulfur and stunning beauty with a natural grove of neat plants and exotic.
Described Peni, Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths Songgoriti has this whole room with a capacity of 68 rooms of various types, including cottages and Wijaya Kusuma chrysolite. So that it can accommodate about 130 people. Thus, the hotel provides facilities management facilities for guests with large quantities through package price is around Rp. 130 thousand per pack with a meal three times a day. Equalization is applicable to all types of rooms from standard grade to a superior class.
For those guests visitors Hotel & Baths Natural Hot Water Songgoriti, not just to enjoy the natural beauty and comfort, but can enjoy other facilities are Swimming Pool, Golf Tenes, Hall complete with sound and slide, Outdoor Hot Water Sulphur Soak with special rates , as well as natural areas that can be used Out Bound event. And not less interesting, if for guests Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths Songgoriti is at night when the weekend to hold a garden party outdoors by the pool, staring at the panorama of natural beauty of the mountains of Batu City at night.
To further pamper guests, Hotel Management & Baths Natural Hot Water Songgoriti, create tour packages Bath and Shower Hot Sulphur with transit systems, especially for a large group of guests 2-3 bus, only to pocket Rp. 35 thousand per person was able to soak in hot tubs Songgoriti sulfur, and can relax in the hotel room for a moment while enjoying breakfast. "For guests as much as 2 to 3 bus, in addition to soaking in hot tubs as much sulfur, we provide 10 rooms as well as their transit area on the way," said Peni, sure if the guests who wish to visit the Songgoriti and the rest in Natural Hot Water hotels & Baths Songgoriti heat, Batu city Tourism, please come to this exotic area or contact the reservation and of course the crew Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths will serve guests with a highly professional. Let's enjoy the exotic Songgoriti and comfort Natural Hot Water Hotel & Baths at Batu in East Java.



Selecta is one of interesting places in Batu that has been visited by many visitors since a long time ago. It is located in Tulungrejo village, Bumiaji district, about 13 km from the city. This place has swimming pool facility, flowerbed, hotel, restaurant, and playground.
Selecta built in 1928 by a Dutch named Reyter Dewild. It resides in dale with height of 1100 m dpl. The temperature is 17 C.

It has various supporting facilities, for example swimming pool, restaurants, wide parking area, security, fruits market, Musholla, tennis court, playground, etc. From those points, Selecta has become favorite recreation place for family recreation, picnic activity, refreshing, etc. This area is always visited by a lot of tourist to enjoy their holiday and do many recreation activities, such as; swimming, walking around, etc. 


Cangar is located in Tulungrejo village, Bumiaji district. Cangar is the other place of mountain tourism. Cangar also has a hot spring pool with temperature of 30 C - 40 C. This pool is also able to cure skin diseases. The visitors will enjoy the nature scenery around it.
Cangar has some tourism facilities that will make all visitors comfortable to visit this place, they are; nature tourism, camping ground, hot spring pool, research forest, hall, etc.
Japan Cave Of Cangar
Japan Cave is located in Cangar complex, Tulungrejo village, Bumiaji district. This cave is the heritage of Japan, when Japan colonized Indonesia. It supposed as defense area and logistic supplier of Japan in their colonization.
Japan cave has 12 meters length and stay along Cangar complex, but we can enter it in a few little because some of the caves are piles of ground.

Jawa Timur Park
Jawa Timur Park berdiri diatas tanah seluas ± 11 hektar yang berlokasi di lereng bagian timur gunung Panderman Kota Batu dengan ketinggian 850 meter diatas permukaan laut, menyajikan keindahan panorama dan kesejukan bagi pengunjung.
 Tempat Parkir yang memadai seluas ± 1 hektar,

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